WDTV Live Stuttering problems, WDTV live Plus works perfectly?

I’ve had a WDTV Live Plus for about 18 months, and it works and plays everything perfectly to anywhere on my network, be it from a drive attached directly to the device, streaming, or even basic windows file sharing.  

I bought a WDTV Live for another room, and I have stuttering issues.  If I plug any drives into the back USB plug, There are always stuttering issues. If I plug into the front plug, everything works perfectly.  When I want to stream to the device from my computer, I can stream and watch smaller files (TV shows, DVD quality movies, etc.) and it works fine be it wired or wireless.  However, when I stream to the WDTV live, larger file movies always stutter.  This happens if I have the device connected to my network wired or wirelessly. There is nothing wrong with my network or the movies themselves, because everything still works perfectly on my WDTV live plus.   Both have the latest firmware. Any ideas as to what I should do? 

Same problem here on my WD TV Live (3th gen)… Always use it wired!

Only a few movies play with no problems, but most of them stutter after about 30 sec.

Hope for a quick firmware-update! (or an other solution if its there…)