WDTV Live stuck on 480P

After about 3 weeks without problems (downgraded firmware to allow unit to work with WD Elements 2TB HDD and playback .MKV with DTS - other thread), I am now experiencing a new problem…

When starting the unit my screen (Panasonic TH-PZ70 Plasma) reports 480p input. When the boot has completed the menus look strange. All the fonts look thin ( I suppose due to 480p HDMI input). When you select a Movie such as a .MKV file then the unit does not play the sound.

I have tried changing all the unit Video settings (Normally set to HDMI 1080p Auto), tried resetting the unit with the reset button, cycling mains power (cured the problem once by unplugging and leaving for 5 minutes) but now no resolve…

Do I contact Amazon.co.uk and have the unit returned? Or, is there a more simple fix?





Any programmers on here experience the same issue from other customers?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.