WDTV Live Streaming no longer playing all video files in folder when hitting Play

Greetings. Long time user of multiple WDTV Live Streaming devices.

Most are retired but I had a need to play some videos and slideshows and a few came in handy!

I am well aware of how you hit “play” and not OK on a folder to play all files in a folder.
And on one of them it works.

However on my other one, it does not? It plays the first video then the screen goes black.
I saw a very old post where someone says theirs was doing the same thing here at the end:

Playing back next video file in same folder automatically

Mine plays the first video in the folder then the screen goes black. Now someone said if they waited a REALLY long time it might play the next one. But my other one plays the next video within about 5 seconds.

I have tried the repeat settings and it WILL repeat ONE file. However as we know none of the other video settings do anything. The files wont play consecutively within a folder.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Some ideas:

  • Try a new battery in remote.
  • Unplug WDTV for a minute and then try it again. A reboot may do it.