WDTV Live Streaming & My Book Studio II

I have 1TB My Book Essential & 6TB My Book Studio II connected to the player. Every time I turn the player on, I have to replug the Studio II because it either doesn’t see the drive at all or the sort-n-filer option (green button) disappears because it can’t find or modify the database. Once in awhile the audio and video will fall out of sync too. I know it’s not a file issue because I moved the videos to the 1TB drive and they play as expected. 

I’m thinking I have a bad player because another problem I noticed, whenever I eject a drive, it doesn’t switch to the other drive automatically like it does with the WDTV Live & WDTV Live Plus. It’s a little annoying since I disconnect the drives a couple times in a day. I’m not sure whether the devices are incompatible with each other or my player is bad. Anyone else get this working successfully?

Does the My Book Studio II also has time out issues when you have it connected to the PC?

Thanks for the reply. No, I haven’t noticed any probblems. The drive has been connected for a couple of hours and didn’t notice any access issues.