WDTV LIve Streaming Media PLayer Nightmare

Hi guys,

I got this new player and hooked it up to my home theatre. Took the hdmi cable and transferred it to the player and turned it on. Everything was okay… I setup the wireless internet and got it done quickly…i updated the firmare to the latest one 1.4 ++ and waited for the longest time and finally finished. i tried to play an mkv file using my usb and it didnt have a sound and froze during the opening credits. Set it up for a wireless sharing through my home network coz i thought there was something wrong with my usb but to no avail… also tried to play avi movies and it says that it did not support filetype… i dont know if i did something wrong but please help!:frowning:

Thanks and God bless!

Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for that first MKV file.