WDTV live stops suddenly

my WDTV live stops suddenly and hangs with no response to remote controller after a while os streaming or playinan a local file on flash memory
any suggestions

Welcome to the club! See this link: https://community.wdc.com/t/wdtv-live-g3-suddenly-started-behaving-weirdly/84637

I have been having this same issue from Sept 18, 2015 to present.

  1. In the off position, unresponsive to the remote to turn on. Have to unplug and turn back on.
  2. I use UPNP exclusively to stream HD content. It freezes after about 15 to 120 minutes. Not sure why.
  3. Low Memory / Low System resources keeps popping up all the time.

To get the freezing to stop took a lot of debugging and money… In the end, I figured that the device was trying to connect to some outside address. I turned off the internet access to the device and the freezing stopped.

I will try downgrading the firmware tonight to see if the other two symptoms stops. The device was working fine for about 2 years and nothing changed. Either WD put a kill switch in the firmware or something on their end is causing this. Either way they need to fix this ASAP.

As far as I know this problem recently appeared on every WD tv live all around the world.
WD is obviously aware of the situation but apparently not willing to do anything about it.

This forum is full of users reporting the same issue

See: WD tv live freezing: list of solutions

I will try to disable the internet connection and see

I have downgraded the firmware and seems it did the trick