WDTV Live SMP with NFS

I use Linux only and found setting up NFS to be a real problem, mostly though, because I don’t use NFS much and have never had a device such as this. After a week of reading and research, I have got this to work flawlessly and with good throughput on NFS4.

I have made a blog post summarising how to get this working with Ubuntu 12.04 (should be good for similar set-ups):




I still haven’t tried NFSv4 yet

but v3 or v2 haven’t had any real issues

the only thing I’ve found to be problematic is

WD SMP/HUB only accepts NFS over UDP connection

it will not connect to any NFS TCP connection regardless of version or permissions

port and protocall is hardwritten into one of the firmware files

they don’t run any portmapper, etc …

they look for only UDP connection on a specific port

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