WDTV live smp remote control change

Hai all,

Since last firmware update and new theme I always used PREV and NEXT buttons to skip the media files.
From now on it simply goes rev or next 3/5 minutes but not with all media file (it seems it act different if is .avi or .mkv).

Can you help me to understand if was the firmware or the theme?

Thank you.

Youcoudl try changing the theme back to the original one, and see what happens. If the behaviour doesn’t change, then you know it is the firmware and not the theme that has cause the difference.

You are right but I can’t do that at moment I don’t have a windows PC to work with, so it’s better to ask for information.
Thank you so much.

Ok I did a test changing them to grid and it is the same, .avi file goes next file but .mkv skip just some minutes.
Can I change this?