WDTV Live SMP + HP Touchpad

I have both these gadgets … WDTV Live SMP and HP Touchpad

Is there any way we can interface both?

  1. any WDTV Remote app for HP Touchpad?

  2. any way to access from HP Touchpad, the content available on the USB drives connected to the SMP? 

I am considering porting android onto my touchpad –  might that open up a few interesing posiblities?

PS: I have the purchased copy of Kalemsoft Media Player on my HP Touchpad – but I currently only have a work laptop that wont let me install any media server / streaming server software on it.

Thnaks for any advice and help!

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WD TV Remote is only available for Android and IOS.   I am not familiar with WebOS at all, maybe someone else with a HP Touchpad can give you some advise for how to access the files from the SMP.