WDTV Live resets when accessing certain folders through network share

As the title suggests, when I’m using network share for some reason the folders under my Windows name all cause it to reset but when I go into the “public” folder and subfolders there are no issues.  Any thoughts?  Thanks.

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We would like to help.

Can you please let us know what firmware are you running.

Have you tried performing a factory reset on the device?

Thanks for the reply.

This problem has persisted through various firmware updates but it’s the following:  2.01.86. 

I haven’t performed a factory reset in a while, mainly because it’s a little bit of a pain to have to reenter my username and password for various services (Netflix, etc.) but if that’s strongly recommended I’ll give it a try.

You’re in the wrong forum…this forum is for the older Live and Live+ devices (note the pics at the top of the thread list)

Oops.  thanks for pointing that out.  I’ll post over to the correct subforum. 

EDIT: This was moved to the correct forum so the question is still valid.  Thanks