WDTV Live "Repeat One" option vanished!

Hello, all!

Just got my WDTV Live Streamer a couple days ago, so much nicer than my 4 year old unit.

I use this to play movie/TV commentaries while I sleep, very relaxing, I just use the “Repeat One” option to loop a movie.

I updated my firmware yesterday, and it seems the “Repeat One” option has gone bye bye, the only options now are “Shuffle” “Repeat All” and “Shuffle Repeat All”.

Anyone else having this issue, and is there anything I can do about it?

Thank you!


To what firmware did you updated?

It’s funny, when I press select Play Mode for both video and music files, it should cycle between 4 options… Off, Repeat All, Shuffle, and Repeat All Shuffle. But, it cycles through 5 options, I have to hit the select button twice to get to Repeat All. Turns out, the Repeat One option is invisible. If I hit the select button once from the Off setting, it activates the Repeat One setting, it just doesn’t put the little “circle around the 1” icon up there, it remains invisible. If I hit it again the little circle shows up and goes into Repeat All mode. So problem solved for me, now that I know that Repeat One works, there’s just no “circle around the 1” icon up there.

That’s how it is for me also. When a music is playing I can see the repeat 1 highlighted next to the song time though.

the image file is blank i’m working on replacing the images from  an earlier version of the themes that has that image. i dont know hy so many images are now blank!

I’m using firmware 1.10.13 and I have this problem as well. There’s no option for Repeat One. I haven’t updated to firmware 1.11.14 yet, but I didn’t see the fix in the release notes.

there are some missing images that started over many firmware ago. i’m working to retrieve them so that the themers could include them in their themes. i added time and temp display so i can see the time and temp whenever i needed to. but the missing images i have but it takes a while to actually get them and sorted out. i do have the image of the repeat once now and a few others available.