Wdtv live: remotely launch content?

I have searched around for this for a while now but can’t seem to find any information on it. Is there a way to remotely launch a specific file to a wdtv live? for example i have a file server where all media is stored, and from a pc i want to select a file and have it automatically play on a specific wdtv live box. i realize i can access the web based remote, but i need to do this remotely where i can’t see the tv so i cant navigate menus. i would like to do it by web address… example http://wdtvlive1/play.xml?file="\media\file1.avi" and in this example file1.avi would play on wdtvlive1. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanx!

Right click on the media file you want to play and goto “Play To” then select your media player.

when you say right click are you meaning from a windows machine? also i assume you would need to install some application that would add the option to play to the wdtv live. do you know that application? the true intent is to have the wdtv live accessable remotely and to send some command directly to it via port forwarding. the machine i may be doing this from may be outside the network and the media folder is not available to the WAN. therefore the actual media files are not visible to me but they are visible to the wdtv live. so if there was a way to send a command to the device that would be ideal. i have experimented with using the web remote interface and sending a specific combination of key commands to get to the files but it isnt a very clean way to do it. any additional thoughts would be appreciated.

I couldn’t agree more. I’m replacing an Xtreamer box with the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player. The lack of this functionality makes it hard to use my web based movie database. Please make this feature in the future firmware updates.

I too would like this feature very much.  The ability to send to the device a network path of a file to play.  I.E. \someserver\someshare\somefolder\somefile.avi and it plays it.

This would open up this device to so many home theater applications, and create a whole new market for the product.


Are you listening, WD?  For all I know the ability is there ( perhaps via telnet? ) but I cannot find any command references.  I had to deduce the “remote” commands with Firebug.  Clunky html, btw, never heard of CSS and sprites?