WDTV live produces "unable to create media library...." error message

Hi all.

I just bought a WD HD TV Live Plus, previously I had had the WDTV.

I have a 750gb WD Passport drive full of media, my WDTV had played movies/music off this flawlessly without any issues.

I just plugged the same passport drive into the new WDTV Live Plus and get an " unable to create media library. Please check your storage settings" error anytime I try and play video from the drive.

Any idea how to get around this? I can see the files within the drive in the “File Management” section in Settings, but cannot play any media off it


Welcome to the forums.

See if there’s asmall, hidden (you need to look for hidden files with Win Explorer) folder/file on that drive called WD something.  If so, delete it and then see if the Live will correctly build things.

hey, I tried that.

deleted every file with “WD” in the name or folder on my Passport drive.

same result, still get that error message

Do you have the media library turned on or off?  If on, try turning it off.

Also it would be interesting (not critical, just interesting) to know how that drive was formattted.  And how much free space is left on it.

hi, thanks for the help

still won’t work

turned off the media library option

managed to enter the drive in the video section after doing that, but it said “no media was detected” on folder or something.


what makes it even more annoying is that I have media on another older Passport drive, a 250gb one, that one even has “WDTV” files on it from a previous firmware upgrade on my old WDTV and that one plays everything fine over the WD Live.

It’s just my newer 750gb Passport drive that it won’t detect.  I don’t understand how the File Management tool can identify everything on the drive but not within the “Video” section. 

Anyways, its a 750GB My Passport Essential drive, 179gb free (out of 697gb), its under NTFS file system. The drive has never been formatted since I bought it.

Ah – there are definitely certain drive types that cannot be detected by the Live, and this may be one of them.

However, first try it in another USB port – some drives work in one port and not the other.  Next, reformat the drive (this has worked for many others and of course you DO have your data backed up so it won’t be an issue to restore it).  Make sure you choose NTFS as the format type.  The odds are that it will then be available in one of the USB ports.

honestly I don’t have room on my tiny 120gb desktop hard drive drive to backup everything on my external HD to do a format, it would be a major time consuming pain in the **bleep** / logistical issue.

at this point, I’m just going to return the WD TV Live and buy a laptop with an HDMI output.  Been thinking about doing that for a while.  I tried 4 different video files that play flawlessly on my PC which the WD Live could not play or could not play audio for some reason (and they were .mkv’s and .x264’s!).

I previously had an WD TV, which served me well for over a year, shame it just died.

thanks for the help.

Yeah, that’s probably best – the Live is not for everyone.

However, no matter what you do, I’d *strongly* suggest you have your data backed up somewhere.  Drives *always* fail – like tires it’s not a question of if, but when.  If you don’t mind losing all that you have, then don’t worry about it.  Otherwise – do it today and not tomorrow.