WDTV Live Plus

Is it me or does it seem that the Live Plus has been abandoned?

I personally love the unit but I haven’t seen a firmware update to take advantage of the Services that are available.?.

Does this mean I’ve got to go spend $100 but take advantage of Spotify and Vudu?

It has been a while since the Plus has had a firmware update, but in the Official Response thread, Bill_S (the forum community manager) has said that there will be at least one more firmware upgrade for the Plus (as far as he knows). I hope that WD will continue to support it after that, but no one from WD has officially said one way or the other.

Rumor has it that the new firmware is scheduled for January… but that is not guaranteed and could change.

Here is the thread I was referring to:

Official Response

Thanks! I guess we wait and see.

If it boils down to it, and no firmware update comes, then I’ll abandone WD and buy a second AppleTV 2 unit.

I can maintain my NAS with ATV2 and FireCore’s atvFlash option.

Currently, there is ANOTHER new update for the LIVE STREAMING and LIVE HUB released just a few days ago. I haven’t update my HUB yet and just wanted to make sure that there are no bugs at the moment before I proceed.

The most recent firmware released before this was on November, so this makes it two new updates in two months! If numerous updates are available back to back for the 1TB HUB and LIVE STREAMING, why not for the LIVE PLUS? I say this is obsolete. Move on and upgrade.