Wdtv live plus

Suprised to see a new product launched by WD - WDTV LIVE PLUS

Looks this new product is only for US market as Netfix is the only addition to the new product compared WDTV Live.

What about european market ? Is a similar thing with some local (similar to Netflix) planned?

I purchased my WDTV Live only two weeks back and I am suprised with this new product. Why is there no clue of a new product ? People would have waited for the new product.

Lots of discussion happening in Forum, where people asking for Netfix, and WD never given a clue of this new product. It looks like Ideas in Fourn are taken by WD to launch new products rather than giving an upgrade to the existing product. So how will existing user of WDTV live benefit from this?

Completly DISAPPOINTED with this behaviour.

There is an existing discussion about this here:


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Hey Pixel, got a Live Plus? :smileyvery-happy:

If Best Buy have screwed up and put it out early, I might swing by and get one.  :wink: