WDTV Live Plus with 16B Firmware

Last night I was watching Netflix and finished what I was watching.  I went to select the next episode, but  it was giving me an error.  I decided to reboot it as when I’m starting to have issues that typically resolves them.  After I reset it, I went back into Netflix and it acted as if I had not set it up.  It asked me if I had a netflix account.  I hit yes and it asked me for my login credentials.  I selected username and the box came up to be able to enter it with the remote, but when I attempted to arrow to select the letters, I saw the box behind the keyboard select password.  If I pressed down again it went down to select continue.  Up selected password, then up again went back to username.  It was as if the cursor never changed to the keyboard.  I attached an external keyboard to it and I was able to enter my email address, but I had no way to hit enter.  Hitting enter on the keyboard yielded nothing and I could not arrow down to select enter.  If I hit back on the remote it exits the keyboard and acts as if I never typed anything in  The only thing I can think of to do is to try downgrading the firmware to see if that makes any difference.  I could sure use some help though if anyone is familiar with this issue. 

Downgraded firmware and this problem was resolved.

How did you do that? please

caldirun wrote:

How did you do that? please