WdTV Live Plus vs Blackberry Playbook

I have an issue in that whenever I connect my BB Playbook to my Windows 7 Pro PC using the USB cable, my network shares on my WDTV Live Plus box will not work when I turn it on. I have to literally turn off my WDTV Live, disconnect my Playbook, then restart my PC.

I have to start the WDTV Live Plus first, connect to Network Shares, then all is fine (even if I connect my Playbook to my PC). But once I connect my PB anytime in the future, if my  WDTV Live isn’t on, I have to reset my PC and start all over again.

Most proberly find it’s the Playbook causing the problem.

When my Playbook is connected to my wifi and is set to the same workgroup as my PC’s, WD’s ect:, it’s knocks them all off the Network, only way round for me is to set the Playbook with a different workgroup name.

Thanks a lot.

I dont use the wifi, just direct connection with a USB cable.