WDTV Live Plus Streaming


I love my new WDTV Live Plus which is working really well with Netflix!  I am wanting to stream from my Windows 7 machine and specifically would like to use the iTunes share.  It was my understanding that the unit worked with iTunes and so far I have not been able to get that working.  My iTunes library is shared.  I have had limited success with Windows Media Player and streaming my music or videos that way, but for some reason two of my movies are seen by WMP as “other media” and I can not play those on the WDTV device.  (Those movies are both mkv, BTW).  My overall plan is to convert my DVDs into DiVX movies (preferably MKV) and then watch them either on the my computer or via the WDTV device. 

Help in getting the iTunes part to work would be appreciated.

Well, it doesn’t really do ANYTHING with iTunes itself.   It can play the music files (as long as they’re not DRM’d), and if created correctly, can play playlists generated by iTunes.  

MKV is not understood by WMP, so they will not work.  

Your best bet is to use Network Shares instead of messing around with the Windows “Play To” function.

I appreciate the reply, however, I can not seem to get the network share working either.  I have turned off my Homesharing on my Windows 7 box and the WDTV does indeed  “see” the drive, but when I put in my login credentials, it just erros saying the username or password is wrong.  This is a Windows 7 box.   The “Play to” does work in a limited fashion (as I stated) and from my wife’s Vista box, we can seem to work the sharing, but not from this one.

I guess I am down to findiing a DLNA server solution, however, I have tried Tversity and it didn’t work out for me and I don’t really want to buy another piece of software — so maybe someone can recommend what software works best with these devices or recommend another server software OTHER THAN twonky or Tversity.   I wish Mediatomb ran on Windows :slight_smile:


There’s several people trying to track down that “Invalid User ID / Password” thing.  So far, it ONLY affects Windows 7 boxes.

In 90% of the cases, it’s a program called “Windows Live Sign-In Assistant” installed on the system. 

You can tell if it’s there by going to the “Add / Remove Programs” list and look for that name.

If you have that, UNINSTALL it, and things should start working for shares.  

While this does solve the share situation, I still would like to see a little better media server or specificially iTunes compatibility in future firmware updates :slight_smile:

What do you mean by iTunes compatibility?   What do you want it to do?

It would be great if the WDTV LiVe Plus picked up the shared Library just the way other iTunes installations pick it up.

Ahh.  There-in lies the rub.   The only clients that will pick it up are made by APPLE.   That’s a closely licensed technology.  :)