WDTV Live Plus Remote - skip chapters?

I have the WDTV Live Plus.


My remote has REV and FF buttons.  These serve for rewind and fast-forward functions.

My remote also has PREV and NEXT buttons.  These serve to skip from one file to the next file.

Is there a way to change the function of the PREV and NEXT buttons?

I don’t much care for skipping through files (it’s easier for me to go back and scroll through my files).  Is there a way to change PREV and NEXT buttons such that their function is to skip through chapters of a file (as you could do on DVDs)?  I rip all of my DVDs into MKV files with embedded chapters, and would love to be able to skip chapters with ease.  As it is right now, I find that I have to hit the OPTION button, then scroll to CHAPTERS, and then select a chapter from the list.  This is rather cumbersome and illogical.  

Nope…  No way to change the buttons.

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