WDTV Live Plus reboots on Netflix VIA HDMI & Componet

Saw this at best buy and said Hell Yeah! I Loved the WDTV Live so much I gave them as Christmas presents this past holiday! So I get home hook it up try Netflix, activate the device and boom reboot! Try it again, I have to activate it again boom reboot! I pull the plug on the WDTC Live +, try again, it dosent ask me to activate anymore, boom reboot! So any attempt to use netflix makes it reboot. I tried it via componet thinking it may be a HDCP problem but it still does the same thing. Tried it on another TV same thing.

This ■■■■■ I really like my WDTV Live. At $120 in the store for the WDTV Live + I thought I was getting a good deal. :frowning:

There are issues with “Random” reboots on NetFlix, but as far as I’m aware, not to the degree you’re having.   I’ve had two reboots, but I’m not a big user of 'Flix.   mkelley uses the HECK out of 'flix, and I don’t think he’s seen too many reboots.

You might exchange it out.

I use Netflix a lot; we’re currently ploughing through the entire Avatar series - several eps a day - plus a film several times a week but don’t get any reboots.

Only happened once after watching a stand-up show, shortly after getting the unit.

Since then it’s been fine.

I’d try to exchange it and see if a new unit behaves the same.  The frequency you’re experiencing is uncommon (and totally unacceptable).

Swapped it out and it does the same thing. I dont know what kind of “support hours” WD has but I tried calling them 20 minutes ago and they were already closed!

Where I am it’s going on 9:30pm so their being closed isn’t unusual (if they are East coast).

In any case, support won’t help – this is an issue they are aware of and are trying to fix in a firmware update.  You’ll just have to sit tight and wait it out (or return the unit for a refund).

The odd thing is no one has any idea why it happens – my Plus, for example, works just fine (so far, of course…)

When I called it was only 7:30 my time. I would expect support from a company the size of WD to be open until atleast 7PM PST but anyways. I dont think my problem fits under the known issue of reboots. Everyone else I can find reporting it has random reboots while using netflix. My is not random, but every time I start netflix. I had never even seen the interface.

I found the problem! Its a bad object in my queue! I called netflix since WD was closed. They were generally interested in helping. We tried by-passing my router which I figured wouldnt matter and it didnt. Then before we ended the call I asked if there was a test account he could put my WDTVL+ on and I could test. Sure enough it worked! so I backed up a copy of my queue and cleared it. Now it works.

So the netflix guys are going to look at what was in my queue. I told them to also check the images too. because it feels like it happens right at the point that its getting ready to display the images.

I found the queue item that makes it reboot

Incredible Hulk Season 2: Mysterman Part 2

Add it to your queue and poof reboot! I informed netflix we’ll see if they get it fixed. Try it now before they fix it.