WDTV live plus random AVI files disappearing

Hi, hope someone can help with my problem.

My system recently has developed a problem of ‘losing’ some AVI / XVID TV programme files at random.

I have 2 WDTV Live Plus boxes.Both were upgraded last month to the latest firmware.

One is connected to main downstairs TV and one to bedroom TV.

Both boxes have a 1TB WD Elements hard drive connected to them.

I store movies on one and TV series on the other.

They are networked  with ethernet cables through my D Link DIR615 router to my PC which also has a 2TB WD Elements hard drive connected as a back-up and operates on Windows XP Home SP2.

System has worked perfectly for over 2 years.

I would download a movie or TV programme to my PC, I would then copy it to the appropriate 1TB box and then move for backup to the 2TB drive attached to the PC.

It’s only the drive containing the TV programmes that seems to have the problem.

I would create folder for each programme for ease of access and locating and put each episode file in that folder so for example

Folder would be TV SHOW 1 [2012] and programme files would be in folder as TVSHOW1 S01E01, S01E02 etc…

Suddenly at random some of these files are disappearing but are being replaced with a folder that has the same name that the file had but with .avi as suffix. So for example file S01E01 would disappear but in its place would be a folder with the name S01E01.avi.  If I try to access these ‘new’ folders via the Live Plus boxes on either TV I get the no media in folder error message.  If I try and access these ‘new’ folders from my PC it states that the folder is empty and brings up no info or data when I access the properties of the folder.

However, if I then delete these ‘new’ folders it increases the Free space details of the hard drive by the correct amount as would have been the size of the original file that disappeared.

Luckily having backed up the original files on the 2TB drive attached to the PC I can just send another copy to the relevant folder to replace the lost file but this is not a real solution as the next day possibly another different file will have vanished in the same manner.

Until you actually go to view a programme you don’t know whether all the files for the whole series will be there or not.

Hopefully someone with more technical savvy than me can help me find a solution?

Thanks in anticipation.

Have you tried connecting the drive directly to both media players? If so, stills the same?

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I powered everything down and disconnected the drive with the TV shows on from the downstairs live plus box and took it upstairs and plugged it directly into the 2nd live plus box.

Once powered up I could access all the TV programme folders but it now only shows the uncorrupted programme files in any folder and does not display the folders that ‘replaced’ the missing files.

I then connected the drive directly to my PC and when I access the drive the TV programme folders still show the uncorrupted programme files and also the empty replacement folders that are in the place of the missing programme files.

 Have now put everything back as it was and both live plus boxes now have a 1TB  elements drive attached and are networked together with my PC to share the drives.

If I access the TV programme drive now from either live plus box the TV programme folder shows that there are missing episode files and does not show the folders that have replaced them.  So the files showing may start as SE01E02.etc…

However, if I access the drive from my PC then the TV programme folder still shows the ‘empty’ Folder in it that has replaced the missing file, so shows the Folder as containing a folder named S01E01.avi  and then the files for the programmes that the Live plus box can see such as S01E02, S01E03 etc…

Thanks again for your suggestion but unfortunately it hasn’t resolved the problem.

Any other suggestions would be really appreciated

finalvinyl did you ever get to the bottom of this problem. I am having the same issue with avi TV files and jpg digital camera pictures.

I’ve had a similar problem it’s a while that each time I connect my usb 3 wd passoport 1tb hard drive to wd tv live

when I connect to my laptop it founds an hardware problem and wants to scan it to fix it.

Also I’ve seen a lot of files disappearing from it. I had to format the hard drive to safely use it again but again

after first use on wd tv live I’ve got again the windows error message when I connected to the laptop.

This is a severe issues and must be nailed down!!!