WDTV Live Plus Moviesheet question

i’d like to add moviesheets to my WDTV Live Plus. I am told unfortunatley it will not work with the plus model. Is there another option?

I have the current firmware for my WDTV Live Plus. Any advice would truly help. Please guide me into the right direction.



Actually, moviesheets work great with both the Live and Live Plus.  However, it requires running custom firmware.

See this site HERE.

downloading the custom firmware now from that site. are you able to downgrade the current official firmware WD released?

Well, now that you asked.  Yes you can rollback, but you should be warned, and I just found this out. If you use the custom FW on the Plus you may lose Netflix depending on the official version of the firmware that you have now.

I’m not sure if  this is on just the custom firmware that has not been officiall released yet (which is 1.05.04_B) or if it’s also for the 1.03.49_B-WDLXTV-Plus- [flash].  I only have a Live and not the Live Plus so I can’t tell you for sure.

I do know that this was not and issue previously and is something that was just implemented with the newer WD firmware.

So just remember you are doing this at your own risk.

PS:  You may want to do some reading on the site that I gave you and also on this site HERE before you flash the custom firmware.

Make sure you understand what it is you are about to do before you do it.

i dowbloaded the custom firmware and  transfered it to a fat32 usb drive.  plugged it into the wdtv live plus. didnt recognize anything.

i read that u may need to downgrade the firmware first. tried that and that didnt seem to work. i am on a MAC so its a little difficult to do anythong.

While we don’t mind the advice and the link to customs FW, please, bear in mind that any issue or support questions should be asked in their forum/site.

We do not recommend neither provide any support for Custom FW.