WDTV Live Plus Avi Files Stutter While Streaming

I’ve had this product for about 9 months I believe, I’ve set up a Network Shares using my Windows 7 PC, and Wireless N secure setup. It’s worked flawlessly until about a week ago.

For some reason, no AVI files will play without stuttering, even tiny low bitrate AVI files will stutter when streaming to my device. These same files all used to play fine.

I can play all other file formats (MKV, MP4, etc) even high bitrate ones perfectly still, the problem only exists with AVI files.

If I connect a USB drive directly to the device, the AVI files play OK, but as mentioned, they used to play fine using the streaming method.

I’ve tried resetting everything to factory defaults, resetting my router, everything, but all AVI files stutter when streamed.

I have the latest 1.06.16_B firmware

Model # is wdbabx0000nbk

WIndows 7, Linksys Wrt-160N

Certainly nothing on the WDTV changed (no firmware changes for almost a year) so I would presume something else changed in your “environment” somewhere…

I used to have a similar issue with my WD live plus box also, the issue turned out to be my router which could not take the stress of everything together (2 pc’s + wifi + streaming) i have since changed the router  from the belkin N150 to the belkin N600 and it works great.