WDTV Live Plus and Windows 7 x64 - Network Sharing issue. Tried Everything. Please Help!


I’ve read through numerous threads on multiple forums, numerous blog posts and how-tos as well as watched a few you-tube videos in an attempt to get Network Sharing to work. But, no luck.

Here is my set up.

PC1 - Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (upgraded from Vista Ultimate x64).

        Norton Internet Security 2011, Avira AntiVir in on-demand mode.

        All windows patches up to date.

PC2 - Windows Vista x64.

        Norton Internet Security 2010.

        All windows patches up to date.

MyFileServer - Windows Server 2008 x86.

        Microsoft Security Essentials 2,Windows Firewall.

       All windows patches up to date.

MyMediaServer - Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

        Brand new installation.

        Microsoft Security Essentials 2,

        Windows Firewall.

        All windows patches up to date.

       Other streaming media software: PlayOn, TVersity

Networking - Wired gigabit ethernet.

       Name of Workgroup - FredHome.

Perimeter - PFSense Firewall with LAN, WAN and WiFi zones.

        All PCs, servers listed above and WD TV Live Plus are on the LAN.

        No traffic filtering within LAN.

WD TV Live Plus - Started with 1.03.029 firmware. Upgraded over the internet to the most recent version.

As soon as I plugged in the WDTVLive and turned it on, it obtained an IP address by DHCP (I’ve now made this a static mapping in PFSense). It’s workgroup defaulted to “Workgroup”. In spite of this, under “Network Shares”, it listed PC1 (and only PC1).

When I attemtped to browse videos and picked “Media Server”, it found and listed both PlayOn and TVersity on the MyMediaServer.

As part of my trial and error, I enabled Media Streaming in Advanced Sharing on the MyMediaServer and WDTVLive immediately listed it along with PlayOn and TVersity. Still no luck with Network Sharing.

Since then, I have tried everything I have found or thought of to get WDTVLive to see/list the other devices (the only one I really want it to list is the MyMediaServer), but, to no avail. The only network share it lists is “PC1”. I can successfully login to PC1, view its shares and play a test video just fine. I did not make any change on PC1 - it just worked.

Some of the things I’ve tried on the MyMediaServer (did not do anything with PC2 or MyFileServer since I don’t care about them):

  1. Change the workgroup of WDTVLive to match the rest of the network.

  2. Disable Windows Firewall.

  3. Disable MSE.

  4. Apply registry hacks from blog posts.

  5. Apply Local Security policy settings from blog posts.

  6. Delete and recreate shares as described in blog posts and videos.

  7. Configure Advanced Sharing exactly as described.

  8. Enable UPNP in PFSense.

  9. Restart everything multiple times.

  10. Reset WDTVLive multiple times.

  11. Master browser check. Neither PC1 nor MyMediaServer is the master browser. It varied and for a while, there wasn’t one. Currently, it is MyFileServer.

  12. I can go to any PC on my LAN (even a laptop temporarily connected), go to Network and see all the other PCs and shares on the LAN.

PC1 does not have specially configured shares (anonymous access or guest user enabled). I just cannot figure out what would cause only PC1 to be listed under “Network Shares”. I feel that I am missing something trivial.

Although the DLNA streaming works just fine for all my media, around 50% of my media (mainly avi files) have external srt subtitles - which are not supported by DLNA streaming. Hence, my strong desire to get the Network Share functionality up and running.

I have spent the last 24 hours desperately trying to get this to work, but, have hit a brick wall. Does anybody have any insight? What would cause just PC1 to be listed and not the other three? What am I missing? Thanks in anticipation.


OK. Figured it out. Looks like it WAS a Master Browser issue.

On PC1, I had VMWare Workstation installed and even though no VMs were active, the VMWare ethernet adapters were and one of them had elected itself the Master Browser. Disabled both VMWare ethernet adapters and now, my WDTV Live can see all the servers and shares.

Thanks to Tony and his detailed post herethat set me on the right track.

Now, my next question is how do I hide the servers and shares that are not relevant…