WDTV Live Plus and WD Mybook Live Duo not connecting

I love these descriptive error messages the programmers come up with to assist the end-user to troubleshoot their systems. Check out this one that I get when attempting to access my WD MyBook Live Duo NAS storage via the Media Server option…

"There was a problem connecting to the network.

The device could not connect to the network."

Any ideas out there what the problem is? I’ve activated the DLNA service on the MyBook Duo but it appears the only way I can access this device other than creating a mapped drive and a fileshare on a networked computer and then accessing it via Network Shares instead. That’s not what I want to have to do obviously. I thought these devices were supposed to work together.

I’m wanting to transfer all my media to the Duo but not until I know I can connect to it.


Can you see the media server on the duo from your computer?

Your question is a little confusing.

I have the MyBookLive Duo on my network with DLNA enabled.

I then open the WDTV to / Video / Media Servers / (my Duo’s name is visible) after selecting it I get the error message.

If I go through the “Network Shares” instead of “Media Server” I can see the Public folder on the Duo.

I did get the Media Server option to pull up a couple times and it showed 4 folders I believe for… Music - Photos - Video and ??? but when I clicked on any I got the same error message above. Gettting these folders to appear is hit or miss…

My Duo is accessible via my computer just fine so I’m not sure where the error is - is it on the Duo side or is the WDTV not compatible with the WDTV?


Can you play your files via the network shares option.

You say that you can see the public folder on the duo but can you select and play files?

Yes, I can play them via the / Network Shares / (duo) / Public Folder / Shared Videos folder

This is okay but I’d like to use the Media Servers option if I can get it working

I’m wanting to migrate all my files off of the WDTV connected USB drive to this networked Duo and need to know that it’s going to do the trick before I go through all of that.

Did you ever figure out how to get this to work?