WDTV Live + PlayOn plugins

I have noticed some weird problems with some playon plugins such as adultswim and food network. I am not being able to play any of the adultswim videos on my wdtv live. Message is saying "Unable to play the selected file. Please refer to the user manual for a list of supported file formats."This is happening for all the videos I am trying to play in adultswim. I have read on other posts that people have been able to get adultswim working with wdtv live.

On the food network script (inside playon Scripts), I cannnot play any videos either with the same error.

Just wondering if this is a problem with my setup or with wdtv live. My wdtv live firmware is 1.01.11. Using windows vista home premium.

I use the plugin from PlayOn Plugins:


And it works fine on my WDTV Live. You don’t have to use the lua script from PlayOnPlugins.

Dunno about Hulu. I’m from Canada, eh?

  • Jeff Schallenberg

Mont Saint Hilaire, Québec