WDTV Live optical out cutsoff with HDMI

This is a very peculiar problem which i have been facing ever since i bought the player 2 yrs ago.

Whenever I connect my Projector (Optoma HD72) via HDMI to the WDTV, the output signal of the TOSLINK to my audio receiver cuts off. 

However when the HDMI is connected to my TV (Sony EX720 55"), both the signals are working perfectly fine. I have already upgraded my WDTV Live to the latest firmware and it’s the same issue everytime I connect the projector. This happens only when the power on the projector is switched ON. 

Is there anyway that I can stop the projector from controlling the WDTV signal to my optical out.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What happens when the WDTV is connected to the projector and you go to the WDTV audio output options and manually select Digital?

Same issue. Audio still cuts off with the projector whether i select setero/optical/HDMI.

What I need is something like my PS3 option, where we can switch on/off control for HDMI

I think the problem is with your “Audio Receiver”

If you see the word  “AUTO” on any settings of  your “Audio Receiver”  Disable it … 

(Go for a Definate Preset … eg. Pro-Logic etc.)

I generally keep my receiver on “S-Direct” which is a pure signal without any processing and also apart from this, on the same settings and with same cable, when the HDMI is connected to my TV, there is audio from the TV and also the receiver.

I feel what feature is missing in the WD TV Live is an ON/OFF for HDMI control as on a PS3.