WDTV Live not showing up on PC but shows up on iMac? Wireless Asus USB N13 Adapter

Hi…I am using a wireless connection (Asus USB-N13 Adapter).  On my laptop (Windows 7), the WDTVLIVE is listed under “Media Devices” in the Network Tab but does not appear in the “Computer” list (thus not allowing me to see or copy to the HDD attached to the WDTV Live).  On my new iMac, no problem…I can see the WDTV and all the folders on the HDD.  I have tried resetting the unit. I had the most current  firmware and last night rolled back to 1.04.17  Does anybody have any ideas??? I used to be able to open up the WD on my laptop and copy files wirelessly to the HDD attached to the WD…it bothers me that I can longer do that.  Please help if you have any suggestions…I have searched the forums but have not had any luck.


Can you verify if the firewall or internet security is blocking it?

Also verify the following link for network settings :

Media Server Win 7