WDTV Live not seeing beyond wifi extender


I have had a WDTV Live box for around 8 years and have never had a network issue with it before now. But I got a RavPower FileHub Plus device a few weeks ago and this is what has happened.

Basically, the RavPower FileHub Plus is a wifi router which outputs its own wifi network. It connects to the primary router by ethernet or wifi. It also afts as a nedia streamer and external phone/tablet charger. I have it connected to the primary router by gigabit homeplug. All devices in the house can connect to the extended network and get access to networked storage devices, each other, and to the internet. But the WDTV just connects to the extended network and although it has internet access, it can’t see anything else on the local network. Anyone any idea why this would be the case, and if theres anything I can do to get around it?


Apart from playing around with the Manual IP Settings (instead of Auto) on the WDTV, i don’t think there’s much you can do with a 10 year old discontinued device not working with the latest tech in 2018/2019.