WDTV Live + MyBook World + Streaming

So i have a mybook world on my network and a Live wired to the same router. I have ripped a decent number of dvd’s using DVDShrink to uncompressed VOB files on my NAS and they all stream just fine.

But, the VOB files are pretty large (around 4GB each) and because i just want to press play on a movie, i haven’t kept all the video_ts files. They all play without problem appart from the timing information which means if you want to stop/restart or move around in the movie things go a bit hit and miss.

I originally tried MKV format but the movies seemed to stutter - i believe thats because the MyBook World (or its version of twonky) doesn’t support mkv. I have also tried AVI which does seem to work but the DVDFab software i used seemed overly complex.

Does anyone else have this setup and what format are your films saved as. What software did you use?

Also, i am about to add a Live Hub to the network, will it’s built in disk offer better format and thumbnail support than the NAS?


DVDShrink (free bit) and then make a .iso (image). You just press play on the file and you get everything.