WDTV Live - Movie not using all of available screen

Hi Guys,

I’ve just noticed my WDTV Live is not using up all of the screen when playing an movie, the menu where the player starts up is fine, but as soon as you play an AVI or MKV the screen is inset about an inch, zooming to 1.1x fixes the problem, but i would rather not have to do that for every video I watch.

So it is making my 42inch Widescreen look like a 40inch screen,

Using a LG42460 LCD, everything else works fine, Xbox 360, blueray etc.


Welcome to the forums.

I assume you’re using HDMI for output, correct?  Does using component or composite output change anything?  And what happens if you switch from “Auto” (in HDMI, the default) to a specific output setting (like 1080p)?

Thanks for the quick reply

Yes, i’m using HDMI not sure about component or composite output.

I’ve tried using Auto to 1080p at 50hz still no change.

It looks like its just auto zoomed out one step, 1.1x looks as it should.