WDTV Live media player disconnects from home network after being idle

Running version : 2.01.86 firmware.

After my WDTV Live media player is idle for a while it disconnects from my home network share.  I do NOT have sleep mode turned on on the WDTV Live unit nor my Windows 7 SP1 PC.  I don’t have this problem with my Zinwell media player.  It can sit idle for weeks at a time and it never disconnects from my PC network…

My work around is to leave my WDTV Live player sitting on a DVD menu.  Doing that seems to prevent the unit from losing it’s network connection.  I think this is a easy thing for WD to fix.  Not sure why they haven’t.  It’s a major bug.  I just bought this unit on Amazon.  Wish I had known about all the problems thjis unit has before I bought it.


Have you tried setting up a static IP on the Media player?