WDTV Live losing "My Media Library" shares daily?

Hi all,

I’m having issues with My Media Library via Windows Network Share from my NAS and I’m trying to understand whether the problem lies with the WDTV or my NAS.  Basically what is happening is at some point (and this seems to be at around the 24 hour mark), when I turn on the WDTV Live, it will be unable to find my media library and ask me to select another source.

If I go into the media library manager, I can see that all of the folders I am sharing show as “disconnected”.  Similarly, if I try to connect to my NAS via network share, it will tell me that there is no media in the folder, although I know that isn’t true.  So what I then try to do is just clear out the login info for network shares and start over.  That works, in that after entering login information for the share I can see the files.

However, when I go back to the media library manager and try to re-add in my folders, I now encounter an error of “Unable to add this folder to your media library as you have reached the limit of folders allowed.”  This message comes up after adding only one folder, so I do not believe this to be an accurate error message.  What I’m guessing is that it is “remembering” the shares it lost a connection to previously and is continuing to count them against the total.

So what I’m asking for here is twofold I guess:

  1. Is there a way to get the WDTV Live to forget about all of the configured media libary shares, a file or something where they’re stored?  I have deleted all of the .wdtv folders on my NAS but that didn’t seem to make a difference.  I am guessing that this is stored internally to the device as the only thing that has worked so far is a factory reset, but doing this every day is a real drag.

  2. Has anyone encountered this issue with the media library getting dropped daily?  I’m not sure if it’s the user that I’m connecting with, or if it’s something else.  Anyone else’s experience might be helpful.

Thanks for reading,


I have the same issue.  I believe when the WDTV Media does its periodic scan of your network shares it doesn’t have a long enough wait time before the WD times out the NAS before the NAS can wake up if sleeping or hibernating.  WD needs to increase the time before it times out.

Two work arounds.  1 Don’t let your NAS go to sleep/hibernate.  2 Only enable Media Library when you add new content and to do a rescan and retreive the new meta data. Otherwise turn off the Media Library and connect to the NAS only via network shares, preferably via Linux Shares (NFS).  I have never lost connectivity thios way. The WD patiently waits for the NAS to spinup and respond without flagging the source as disconnected.

Thank you for the reply.  It certainly makes sense now that I’m reading it.  I’ve gone ahead and configured my system as you’ve suggested and hopefully that will resolve my issues.  I’ll reply once more to this thread with my findings after some time has passed.  Again, thank you so much for taking the time out to help me.  It was driving me crazy.


Well, unfortunately that didn’t solve my problem.  It seems my problem is just in general with network shares.  Even if I turn media library off, I am running into the same issue basically every day.  Since I’m not always around to fix things, I’m just going back to connecting via media server and ditching my dream of using metadata with my media player.  Thanks again for the suggestions, it just appears to not have been my specific issue.