WDTV Live is showing some files not all of them

I have an Linksys NAS200 with Terabyte configured like this: 

Volume Mode:Multiple Disks (JBOD/LVM)


Ok so I have shared folder names and one of those is named !Movies. In the !Movies folder I have all the movies they are like 89 folder movies, but the WDTV is only showing 68 folders! If I go directly to the NAS I can see the 89 movie folders. I have added to every folder an (!) sign at the beginning of the name. I have deployed the latest firmware for the WDTV which is 1.01.24. I’m using Windows Vista, not sure if the WDTV is accessing my computer or the NAS directly which I believe that is what WDTV is doing accessing the NAS directly. So basically WDTV is only capable of seeing 68 folders any new folder seems the problem!

Thank you in advanced for any help on this!

make sure the privacy settings for those folders is set approperitetly.

i always do that for any new files/folders i put in the share folder. cause sometimes they’re set to private automatically by your OS