WDTV LIVE is not working properly

hello everyone, i have a WDTV live device which i love i use it all the time but today i ran into a problem,i have all my movies on an external harddrive which i connect to the back of the wdtv. It has always worked with no problem but today i was watching a movie and about 10 minutes into it it just stops i cannot press stop or back everything freezes i cant even turn off the device i have to unplug it for it to work again it does this with every movie, i have already reset the wdtv but still everything freezes i know it is not my external hdd because it works fine on my roku and pc does anyone know how to fix my problem? please any tips will help, thank you for reading


Are you able to use the WDTV without the hard drive? If yes, what firmware are you running on the unit?

If you are not able to use the WDTV at all, please contact WD Support for further assistance, it might be an issue with the unit.

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