WDTV Live is booby prize in Sweepstakes!

WD you got to be kidding me…  You would actually give away the WDTV Live as a prize?  

Try giving away something that works as advertised on the box!

When are you fixing the MKV/H264 audio sync issue?  Disgraceful.

I’d be happy with it.  In fact, I’d be even happier with an iTouch.  I’m no slouch when it comes to free stuff! :smiley:

MatthewS, did you get the PM’s I sent you?

Yes thx got them now… I will try and send you a test file.

The problem I have is exclusively with DVDs of TV series that I own.  I never seem to have issues with movies.

I’m using latest version of Handbrake.  

Maybe its an issue with how Handbrake encodes TV series?  Could it be framerate related? Who knows…

Do you use Handbrake? If not what do you use to encode and I will give that a try.

Thanks for your reply.

Handbrake should absolutely work.  What preset are you using?

I’d recommend using the High Profile preset and none other.  Do not do anything other than change the output format to MKV – don’t mess with ANY other settings.  That should fix things up for you.  (I have encoded literally hundreds of TV shows and movies with this approach and the Live plays them all superbly).

I, too, used Handbrake on several hundred DVDs and they all seem fine.  We’ll get it sorted out.