WDTV Live IR Receiver

I have a “recertified” WDTV Live that has poor reception on the IR Reveiver.  I’ve tried suggestions on this board such as removing the plastic cover, shutting down fluorescent lights, programmed another remote,etc., all to no avail.  The unit only responds when the remote is only 10 cm away from the device.

Does anyone know what the specs are of the IR Receiver?  I’d like to replace it with a new one, as I believe it 's the culprit.  It looks like a 3 legged TSOP4838, or something similar???  Has anyone actually swaped one out?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried the box at a different location with a different digital TV?

Yes. Tried on both Samsung LCD, and smaller Sharp LCD tv…same response (or lack there of). Also tried without any tv, and in a perfectly dark room with direct line of sight…still no go…

Are you 100% certain that it is the box and not the RC. Have a look at http://wiki.wdlxtv.com/Eiri before you let loose with a soldering iron.

You were correct.

It turned out to be the remote control, and not the wd tv live box itself.

The ir receiver is indeed a tsop4838. I ordered and replaced the one on the wd tv, without any success. Then, I changed
the ir transmitter with a grey tinted from The Source. That was the culprit. I can now control the unit from over 20’ away.

Thanks for the help.