WDTV LIve Hub - Where to get more information?

Hey guys,

thanks for taking the time to look at my post.

I have been reading for forums ever since I acquired my WDTV Live Hub in hopes of learning more about it. It would just be nice if there was a legit manual explaining how each feature worked. Such as how the media library function works, precisely, like a high level RFC. Is there anything like this around? That would save me from posting on here all the questions I have. such as the following

  1. WDTVLiveHub folder in the Media Library can I delete that? I don’t want to look at that folder, I just want the folder TV and Movies there.

  2. I am thinking that I would like to manually ‘scrape’ all my tv and movie information as the WDTV does a poor job of this. I mean its not bad, my last media player was a popcorn hour c200 and that thing is a pain. What is the best way to do this?

Thanks guys, I appreciate your help

Don’t think you have read the forums that much :slight_smile:


The stickys at the top answer Question 2

And no, the WDTVLiveHub folder has to stay, on that note it came in a few firmware dates back, don’t know why as you never used to see it.

@ wdtvhub

And no, the WDTVLiveHub folder has to stay, on that note it came in a few firmware dates back, don’t know why as you never used to see it.


I purchased my WDTV Live Hub nearly 2 Years ago … “Out-of-The-Box” Firmware was 2.03.14


And the Root Folder for the Internal Harddrive has always been WDTVLiveHub and all versions above.


So, i’m not sure what you mean by “a few firmware dates back” …


Firmware Revisions:

2.07.17   -----  I’m running this and WDTVLiveHub Root Folder is present


Maybe “Rolling Back Firmware” to 2.02.16 will Resolve the “Issue” :wink:


(P.S. I have no problems with the WDTVLiveHub Root Folder … it’s the equivalent of clicking “My Computer” on my PC to see all my files and folders.)

You sure…

I will have a dig in my comments later, but Im pretty sure it appeared with a certain firmware, because I and others were quite annoyed as it added another button press and standard icon.

I’m Sure.  (but then again … if they disabled and re-enabled it between a Firmware Revision then you need to specify the Exact Firmware Revision Number you saw it.)

Behaviour since purchase … (2 years ago)

1.  Home Screen … Press “OK” on “Videos”

  1. WDTVLiveHub  Root folder (of the Internal HDD) is Displayed.

  2. Press “OK”

  3. Files and Folders of you Media are are now Displayed

Media and Network Shares may be a Different Matter … but im talking about the “Internal Storage”

Honestly though, i not bothered pressing the “OK” button on my Remote a few times to get to my Media files.

Yeah neither am I.

I do like the My Media Library or I would be on the firmware you are on, on that note however the main reason was you could not get content info on a Network drive, but with Linksheets its not such an issue anymore.

Thanks for the reply wdtvhub, I will check that out.

Is there no way to setup a view when you click on Videos that it only shows the links that I want in there? Such as just Movies and TV… I don’t want the link to the wdtv share in there at all.

It is possible to add specific folders to the ‘My Media Library’ screen via the ‘Options’ key.

I wouldn’t care to speculate about what Deleting the root directory of the internal drive from the Media Library would do.

Well technically, it is actually just a symbolic link to a share of the root directory. What I was curious about, is if I were to select delete on that symbolic link (wdtvlivehub folder) if it would just remove the symbolic link or would it indeed delete the entire contents of my internal drive??

I just spent 4 days uploading 700GB of tv shows to it so I wasn’t about to experiment to find out.

If someone doesnt have anything on their internal drive they could test?