WDTV Live Hub to My Cloud Over LAN - 1-2MBps

Hi all,

I just got a 4 TB My Cloud that I want to use as the storage device for all my media currently on my WDTV Live Hub - the hub has almost reached it’s 1 TB limit and has slowed significantly. I would like to simply use it as a streaming device and have it pull all the media from the My Cloud.

I have both devices hooked up to the LAN connections on my router (one is hooked up to a splitter which is hooked up to the LAN port on the router - this ok?). To transfer the files, I am simply dragging and dropping the files from the Hub to My Cloud using my computer. According to everyone else out there, it sounds like I should be seeing something around 20 MBps transfer speeds since it just has to pass through the LAN and doesn’t actually need to be uploaded and downloaded again through my IPS. However, I am only getting 1-2 MBps transfer speeds, and it appears that the transfer is using bandwidth as I have almost maxed out my bandwidth usage for the month from my ISP.

I haven’t found anything related to my issue out there yet; everyone else complaining about slow transfer speeds are still getting 8 MBps, nothing close to as low as what I get.

Can anyone offer some suggestions as to where my bottleneck is occuring and why?


Local traffic (in your home) doesen’t (or should’nt) count towards your download usage from your ISP

does your router have more than one lan port ? (most have at least 4)  if so, i would take the ‘splitter’ out of the loop

connect PC,Cloud and Live Hub directly to your router.

Or you could try connecting the My Cloud to the Live Hub via ethernet and a swtich  (by passing the PC)

And use the Live Hub’s copy, move options to transfer the files.