WDTV Live Hub slow to list files and slow to navigate between directories

Hi there,

I have 2 WDTV Live Hubs in my home.  When I connect to my server (12 tb RAID), it is very very slow to navigate through the various directories. This is through files, or via media seerver.  When I connect to a different computer, the navigation is quick.  Both computers and the WDTV are connected to my network via CAT 6.  Connecting to the server from the other computer results in very quick access to the files.  Only the 2 WDTV hubs are slow to update the file lists.  They play the files without issue.  Juts navigating between directories and listing of files is slow.

Just guessing, there is a chance that because of the size of your sever it takes longer for the Hubs to browse it, but again I am just guessing.  I suggest you post more details about your server, you may also contact WD Support to see if they can replicate your issue.