Wdtv live hub questions and other posts you read before

I did do my best spending a little bit of time searching through here – but I guess I’m just confused about what I thought I bought and what I bought

Before I got the WDTV Live Hub 1 TB I had WDTV Live HD… 1st generation I believe (the one that didnt have netflix). That device was simple – I loaded up the external HD with files, plugged it into the little box, and it read the HD.

I have yet to repeat that experience with the hub because it just tries to compile the media library for days. I found success instead transferring files over wireless (network shared folders?) and just dragging them in (although it does take awhile).

When I plug in my (WD) external HD which probably has hundreds of gigs of stuff and WD hub tries to ‘compile a media library’ – what is going on here? Why is then the entire harddrive accessible by all devices on my network? Is it transferring the files to this so-called network harddrive or is it merely preparing to read it?

And most of all – why didnt I read more about this?

All in all I’m happy with the thing, its pretty neat and I never had netflix streaming before. Sorry for the long post

The library function lets the Hub know what is where on it and your connected drives and shared network locations. It only takes a long time the first time it compiles, after that it is much quicker.

You could also simply turn off the media library. As Miami_Son mentioned it does take a while to run the  first time, buy days seems a but much. I have in the past had 2 x 2TB drives attached to the USB ports as wel as Media Library for Network shares running  on another 5TB on remote drives. Even then original bootup only took a hald an hour or so.  I have also swapped in a different 2TB drive on on of the UBS port with different media on it, and that took less than 15 minutes to compile the library so it seems to me you have a problem. (note that tmy ML experiences are all under previous firmware versions)

At some point I would completely power down the device (not standby, but a full hold down the off button for 5+ seconds) and boot up again just to see if you were in some weird infininite loop. As above, many of us here (including myself) have found the media library to be more of hassle than it was worth, without much upside. I stopped using it about six months ago and have not found any reason to turn it back on. I dont see anything that I am missing with it off.

That said, I was at one time a huge proponent of the media library when “media library for network shares” was first introduced. It allows you to aggregate remote shares from various locations so they all show up when you go to your movie or music without having to connec to each machine when you want to access media on it. Although I found that quite usefull and time saving since I had shares on three different devices (PCs and a WD Live Plus), I have since found it easier to not use the media library, and move all my media to one server. When I go the see my videos, the default is the server that has all my movies, TV series and home video on it. Problem solved with Media library tuned off.

Perhaps a proponent of running the Media Library can post why they feel it’s advantageous to have it on, but I see no reason at this point in time, and it would certainly end your issue of the compilation time.

You can change the settings for the ML in the Setup Tab under “System \ Medlia Library”

Good Luck



thanks a lot for taking the time to reply to my post. I had never discovered the power button for some reason (stupid is what stupid does) and always used the remote. The plastic was still over it. I indeed had to hold it in for some time before it rebooted. 

Now I’ve got a blank TV screen and activity lights from both the external HD and the hub and I’ll leave it like that and follow-up. Just wanted you to know I had read your response.

pearl wrote:

At some point I would completely power down the device (not standby, but a full hold down the off button for 5+ seconds) and boot up again just to see if you were in some weird infininite loop.

If you haven’t downloaded your model’s user manual from WD Support, now would be a good time to do so, and you will know more about operating your player!

Get manual here:   User Manual (pdf)