WDTV Live Hub: Problems with network asking for user/pass

I have been having trouble with my hub on my network.

Here is a crude map of my network.

What im currently doing is just using the ethernet cable for the second hdtv settop box and everything seems to work fine for awhile. I can transfer stuff over but eventually later on if I go back to try and open the hub from the network window it asks me for username and password. Which I don’t have set on the hub. I have to physically unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back and sometimes it works and lets me again open the hub up on my desktop pc. Other times I have to unplug the device and plug it back in. Sometimes it works when I right-click and refresh in network window on windows as well.

I run win7 ultimate 64bit, workgroup is setup.

Would mapping it as a network drive help this problem when I can actually access it?

Mapping should help

try that and post back the results

Only reason I was hesitant to map the the hub was I didn’t know if it would screw up my future networking plans. I want to run gigabit directly to the device so it has both internet access and fast file transfers, but my ISP’s router/gateway is only 100mbit. So do I need a gigabit router and run some sort of subnet? Or can I get away with just a switch.