WDTV Live Hub problem after transferring files when not enough storage

Obvious newbie here. I ran a search by wording my issue a few different ways but wasn’t able to come up with anything. Pardon my ignorance but I would be very thankful if someone could help me out here.  I’ll try to be as clear as possible when explaining my situation.

I have a WDTV Live Hub downstairs in the living room. I normally download movies to my personal laptop and then transfer them over the LAN during the day when I’m not using the Hub because it’s time consuming.

So here’s a general breakdown of what’s going on:

Before I transferred a group of files over today, I checked the Hub to see how much space was available and there was 21 gigs of storage space left on my  Hub’s hard drive. At the time, I figured that was enough for my files so I copied the files and transferred them over the LAN.  While the files were transferring, I did some work for an hour or so to give it time to transfer.

Later when I checked the Hub to see if the files were done transferring, there was a message that said there wasn’t enough storage space.  I immediately remembered that I accidentally copied too many files to transfer over.

Ok so here’s the problem:  I checked the amount of storage space available now, and it says I only have 250 mb of available storage.  Well obviously that’s because “some” files got transferred over, but not all.

My problem is that when I look for those files I transferred over, they are not showing up anywhere.  So I have files that are using up space on my hard drive, but I can’t locate them to delete them.

My question - how can I locate these hidden files? There must have been a partial transfer because there was 21 gigs of space available before the transfer and only 250 mb available after the transfer - but none of those files are showing on the Hub. I looked in “Videos” as well as in “Files”.  I rebooted the Hub as well and same thing.

Hopefully I painted a clear picture of my scenario, and any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

How are you searching for the files?

I’m just searching through the WDTV - I go to the Local Drive and search “Videos” for the file name and it doesn’t show up.

Also looked in “Files” and searched for the file name - nothing shows.

Try to refine that search a bit dude

you can search by name, title and so forth

I am an ■■■■■.

I was searching folders - didn’t realize I could refine to search individual files.

Found the missing files. Thanks for your help.