WDTV Live Hub picture blanks randomly

Hi Folks,

Love my WDTV Live Hub. It is a great little device but I have an issue I am trying to debug that I am hoping is not hardware related. 

I have a Samsung B series LCD, 46" 1080P 60Hz. I have the Hub attached by HDMI and use the optical out to my receiver. I have put a bunch of my dvds onto the harddrive by ripping them using DVD Fab to folders, then Handbrake High Profile to m4v.

Randomly the screen will go blank, and the Samsung will show the signal specs, like (1920x1080 60HZ) as if the signal was just cut and returned, or switched size/frequency. It does not happen offen, sometime not at all during a movie, but at other times too much (8 - 10 times during a movie).  I started debugging by trying various different video output options but nothing seemed to make a difference. I am back to 1080p/60hz auto rgb low.

I was beginning to think it might be the bitrate, but yesterday I came back after pausing a movie for about an hour, and when I hit a key on the remote the movie was STILL PAUSED (I think I hit right arrow) but the screen started flashing constantly every 2 seconds or so. So nix bit-rate right?

I am going to do some more debugging tonight (new hdmi cable, my other LCD) but I dont think I am going to be able to determine for sure what/where the problem lies. Does anyone here have any insights or debugging tips?



That hints to me of something hardware related.    The easiest part of that to check is the HDMI cable.

Go buy a good quality cable and see if that makes a difference.  If it does NOT, then you can always return it.

I’m having the same problem. I’ve been running the Hub for a couple weeks with no problems but in the last few days I’ve had this screen going black issue. The first time I saw it I was streaming a movie from Network Share so thought it was my network bogging down. Restarted everything on the network and appeared to fix it. But now it does it all the time, no matter what’s on - even menus will flash. When it goes black everything is still going on - movies continue playing and menu clicks still happen - there’s just no display.

In the last couple days I’ve reset the device from both the menu and button, unplugged for an hour, I even moved the Hub out of my entertainment center just in case it was getting hot - though it sure didn’t feel that way. After being off all night I got about 45 minutes into a movie today before it started. And once it starts flashing it just gets progressively worse.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on; menus or movies, from the Internal or Network, so it’s not content that’s causing the problem. I’ve never heard of cabling failing while in use and then getting better when off, so I have to assume this is a problem with the Hub. I may try hooking up with Component cables but I sure hate having to reconfigure my whole system to troubleshoot this issue :mansad:  Is anybody else seeing this or is it just an issue with a couple of boxes?


I have now seen it happen on the menus too! So it is not related to watching any content.

I pulled the hub out and attached to a Dell computer monitor (1080p) via new HDMI cable but I was not able to reproduce. Mind that I only watched for about 15 minutes…  I think it will take some more debugging before I can determine for sure where the problem is. I have reattached to my tv using a different HDMI cable and will watch a movie tonight.


OK, watched a complete movie and a TV episode last night without experiencing the blanking. The only physical difference was a new HDMI cable.

I will be watching for it to happen again (and have asked the kids to let me know if they see it too) but it sure would be nice if that was the problem!

I hooked up with a different HDMI but got only about 20 minutes into a Seinfeld episode before my first Blank. I think I’m taking it back tomorrow for another one; I’m still within my return time. 

I am having the same issue.  I am going to try some of the trouble shooting steps that you guys tried, but so far - I’ve had it happen in both the menu and while watching something.  I’ve got two Live Hubs, so at least I have the chance to swap them around to see if there is an issue with one.