WDTV Live Hub overheating shutting down

Hello, :innocent:

I need a technical/ experience support please.

I have replaced my WDTV Live Hub HDD due clicking sound in the original HDD. It runs fine for 5-10 min before shutting down after giving a warning that the system temperature has reached 65 degrees C. I think its a new overheating problem.

What should I do?

Check that the internal fan is working/spinning ?

You might want to open your WDTV Live Hub and check if dust is covering the chip with the silver round label on it (that is the main SoC, that runs it all). Use a soft brush to clean out the fan and possible dust from the entire board. You can use an air duster to remove dust from hard-to-reach-positions and IPA to remove any potential residue from the chips (like nicotine, encrusted dust) that prevent proper heat dissipation. My box runs fine for about 10 years now and I just removed some fine dust from the board while swapping the HDD for a 2TB one.