WDTV Live Hub Media Server question

I recently purchased the WDTV Live Hub and so far I’m liking it except for one thing.  For some reason, it’s media server functionality doesn’t seem to be working.  Other devices on the network include an XBOX360, a PC running Vista 32bit and a WDTV Live Plus.  None of these devices can see the Hub as a media server.  The PC and Live Plus are both able to access the Hub via network shares and play content loaded onto the Hub.  As a side note, the WD Discovery software does not find the Hub, while it does find the Live Plus

So far I have verified the Hub is set to DLNA ON and have accessed the Hub through it’s web interface.  I have also accessed the Twonky setup webpage and performed a Media Server restart.  Still no luck.

Is anyone else having this problem? 

Works finme with me.

Can you be a bit more specific regarding your set up and how/why  you are trying to stream from the hub to teh PC via media server.