WDTV Live Hub Loses Settings and Network Connection When Powered Down

My WDTV Live Hub began taking 5 to 10 minutes to boot up after every power down several months ago. I deleted about half of my library, hoping that would speed things up, to no avail. I finally discovered the tips to replace the battery inside of the device and completed this with a brand new battery yesterday. I plugged it back in and, naturally after a complete loss of power, it took a while to boot back up but then all seemed to be functioning normally.

However, upon powering down the device, I noticed that it was no longer connected to the network (even though it was still plugged into power and ethernet). I turned it back on and it still takes 5 to 10 minutes to boot. It appears that it loses all settings upon turning it off. So now if I want to conveniently access my device from either itself or the network (my PC and my WDTV Live streaming box), I need to have it powered on 24/7. Can anyone think of anything I should try so that I may salvage my device?

Also, yes, I have searched through the alternative products that are now available but I am not very tech saavy nor do I need a fancy streamer. I just want to access my local library on my TV via remote control and be able to access it from my like-new WDTV Live streaming box in another room. I know that an eventual replacement is inevitable but I’m feeling overwhelmed. Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

I would keep it powered on 24/7. I never shut down my WD Live Hub Devices unless I absolutely have to. I have 3 of them. Usually takes 3-5 minutes to power on, if I happen to shut them down which I do occasionally.

WOW … i’m glad i switched to using a Raspberry Pi 2 (then 3) all those years ago

takes a total of about 3-5 seconds to power on a Raspberry Pi and start watching content

I still have my WDTV Live Hub mothballed … i should sell it and use the money to upgrade to a Raspberry Pi 4 :slight_smile:

I did use a Raspberry Pi for a while, but my family couldn’t get use to Kodi. When my WDTV Live Hub Devices finally die it will have to be the Raspberry Pi. I’ll probably get a Raspberry Pi 4 soon and set it up in my den and watch my downloaded stuff on it.

Your WDTV Live Hub is a valuable item. You good probably get $100 on eBay.

sorry to hear that … i gave my parents (in their mid 70’s) my old Raspberry Pi 2 and they have no problems using Kodi (just the basic Confluence Skin, enabled Kiosk mode, and disable any settings that they wouldn’t use)

Have only had to provide ‘Tech Support’ :wink: for them only a few times in the last 6 years