WDTV Live hub (Internal drive not showing)

Ive been using the WDTV LH for 2 years now without any hitch. i love the device and had the 1TB internal drive almost full with all my best movies. Recently my Live Hub gave in and displayed “there is no media in the current folder” which confirmed that the internal drive was no longer accessible or visible.

I did the firmware update to 3.11.10. This did not seem to help. I removed the hard drive and connected it directly to my Mac and luckily all my movies were intact but I could not add more files (probably a permissions issue). I was wondering if anyone might have the same problem or have a solution to the hub not reading the internal drive. Attaching a USB thumbdrive worked perfectly. Kindly help!

The drive could be failing. If you can still read the files on your Mac, make a backup of all your movies if you have not done so already. At worst you will have to replace the drive, but at least you will still have your data.

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Have you tried a reset to factory defaults?

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Thanks. at least i have a back up of my files. Just wondering what could have caused the malfunction…

Yes i did the master reset a couple of times. No luck…:neutral_face:

As well as the ‘no media’ message I assume that you cannot see the drive in the setup / format menu.

Yep- cant see it on the Storage options. The USB drive shows ok…