WDTV Live Hub Freezes With Network Connection

When I connect my live hub to the network, after a while the player freezes only thing to do is remove the power suply.

Please fix this I tried al the mentioned selutions on this forum with no succes.

This seems an error in the network part of the player.

The player is unusable this way

You’re saying that, while playing USB or INTERNAL DRIVE media, the Hub will freeze if it’s on the network?

Or it only freezes when you’re playing media FROM the network?

If it’s #2, then the issue is most likely your network.   If the data stream is interrupted for a small amount of time, it will hang.  

Found out the network connection is not the problem, i formatted my internal drive and now I have no error at all the drive was corrupted i think. why it did not occur when the network cable was i don’t no