WDTV Live Hub Freezes after short amount of time playing videos

I’ve seen this problem around for a year or two, but I can’t work out a fix.

It happens:

* on two different networks, one wired, one wireless via a wired connection to a signal extender,

* playing from internal files without being connected to a network,

* playing files across a network,

* playing files on a MyBook drive attached physically while not attached to a network and while attached to a network…

I am on the latest 3.09.18.

Right now I have physically unplugged the thing, plugged it back in and it is gone from the network.

Any help? Suggested actions?

And to gripe:

Why should it be so hard to make this thing work as it was supposedly designed to work?

A friend and I have talked about the problems on my WD and his Boxee.

Is the total flakiness of these devices the result of storage hardware people trying to write media/network software from scratch?

 Why should it be so hard to make this thing work as it was supposedly designed to work?

That’s hard to answer, as I think most people would say that it DOES work as it’s supposed to.  I’ve seldom encountered issues like you describe, and I’ve been using my Hub constantly since it first started shipping.

Those kinds of things are very hard to pin down if it’s not reproducible by the developers.

Tons of people have encountered the issue, specially in the middle of the 2.x updates. Most solutions seem to be “take it off the network” or “disconnect whatever NAS you have on the network”.

Anyway I just reset it to factory defaults again and it looks to be OK.

For now.

If it freezes and restarts itself, there’s no solution other than replacing it.

When I got mine, it worked perfectly well for the first 3 weeks. Then started freezing or just restarting itself. I initially thought it was the file format or something else with the files, but what started as a random issue, then became more and more frequent. I followed all the troubleshooting process with the service desk, it fixed temporally the issue but problems came back after acouple of days. The final solution was just send it back and get a new replacement.

No it doesn’t restart - just exits the video.

It has started doing it again.

This is just intolerable - even worse the complete lack of response from anyone at WD to these threads.

This is a user to user forum. If you want tech support from WD then you need to contact them by phone or email.